But not everybody want to have a big HTPC standing next to his television, so I tried to find an alternative computer that is small, powerful, and has a good quality. These ARM computers are designed for IT developers and children to learn Python programming language on school, or for IoT and other computer related experiments.

These ARM computers are underpowered and much to weak to playback high resolution audio bitprefectly. Therefore I searched for an Intel x64 compatible based solution.

It's so fast that it could easily replace your big standard ATX form computer without that you notice any performance loss. Everything all internal components are working straight after the installation. Now I have found the right hardware, I had to find the right software to create the Audio Dandy audio streamer. Which streaming software? There are many different streaming software solutions on the market today that can playback High Resolution audio.

How to install Daphile

I have good experiences with "JRiver" software that playback DSD and also has a nice app for the Apple Ipad so you can control your streamer. I have tried them all for a long time, and this is my conclusion: "JRiver" is very good program, but it costs money, and for also for all future updates you have to pay extra. These extra costs after you just bought something, is something I don't like so much about this program.

But "JRiver" sounds very good, and I can recommend it if the extra costs are not a problem for you, but personally I prefer a open source solution, were fixes and updates are free. It took me 5 days to download the installation ISO file! After installing the software I experienced a rather Spartan mixed bag of audio programs that were not stable enough to experience high resolution audio playback.

I think this software is for die hard Linux fan's only, that don't mind to reconfigure their Linux computer with the command line interface Daphile What is "Daphile"? On the image above you can see my settings. Does "Daphile" sounds better than "JRiver"? I was very surprised by this software because it's simple to install, easy to use and it sounds very good out-of-the-box. Did it sound better then "JRiver"? To tell you the truth, No, it didn't On my PureAudioProject Voxativ High-End loudspeakers I noticed that the music had a harsh sound character making listening for a long time to this exhausting I also noticed that the level of details was not to the standards of "JRiver" What to do?

One big of advantage of open source projects is that it's very easy to contribute to make the software better. I already disabled "HD-audio" in the settings menu of "Daphile" to force the software to use the "Amanero" interface. So what went wrong? I decided to analyse this problem and to find a solution. But there is one thing you really should take care about, and that is: "the shortest audio path is the best" Why I write this?

Because still many High-End audio manufactures are using in my opinion the wrong approach. They still offer solutions products that are using unnecessary complex solutions to transport music from the storage device to the dac. For example did you know that Linux had a very bad and complex sound architecture?

He once has called Linux audio: "it's a mess" and he even tried to make it better, but in my opinion he made it much worse So beware if your current streaming solution make use of these modules, like: "ALSA", "Pulseaudio" and also the newer audio standard: "HD-Audio" All of these are very bad for real Audiophile audio playback.

So how to overcome all this? I'm affraid it was I figured out a very simple and effective solution to make sure that your music not has to travel all the way through "Poetterings" chaotic and complex signal path The solution to make "Daphile sound much better The solution is: disable your internal audio device in the bios of your computer!Community Build Radio Firmware.

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Squeezebox Touch. Last Post: Announce: Enhanced Digital Squeezebox Boom. Squeezebox Duet.Help Remember Me? What's New? Last Jump to page: Results 21 to 30 of Thread: MQA via Tidal Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Originally Posted by DanSmedra.

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In this fast-growing art of 'high fidelity' the quackery will bear a solid gilt edge that will fool many people" - Paul W Klipsch, Daphile is programmed to be as pure and bit perfect as possible so the Tidal app must be holding it back. Thinking about this as I type - will Tidal via ickStream bypass this restriction?

Any ideas anyone? Originally Posted by Julf. Not "anger," Annoyance. Originally Posted by garym.

daphile tidal

Julf is asking a technical question about comparisons, which is relevant, and then following up with a very reasonable answer to your question about why one would care. If I'm comparing what appears to be two identical cars except different colors, and one very much outperforms the other, I'd really like to know whether the engine and drivetrains are identical or different so I can understand the performance drivers.

It may be that one simply buys the blue car and is happy as they should be. But this is a forum discussing audio issues and users typically are interested in the "whys and hows" related to our audio. Last edited by DanSmedra; at Not "anger," annoyance with the trolling.

It remained on track until Julf hijacked the thread to give himself an anti-MQA soapbox. I've also posted a request for ickStream's implementation of Tidal on their forum to see if they can find a way to pass this through too. Last edited by stop-spinning; at Originally Posted by stop-spinning. Last Jump to page:. All times are GMT The time now is What is the difference between Roon and daphile apart from the fact that daphile is free.

What does Roon do that daphile does not? Find More Posts by Tranquility Bass. Roon is super easy to use, easy on reboots and finding the music server and library on the network. The user has little to do with Roon.

daphile tidal

Daphile is a little more DIY. You have to know how to write the image to the boot disk and find the management IP address, especially if you run headless. You can see the IP for a short time on daphile if you connect a monitor to the server hardware. There's probably some trick in Daphile to be more basic user friendly.

I don't worry about it too much since I work in IT. Some people just want the piece of mind of a fully plug and play setup and will pay for it.

Roon has some nice features too, graphically it's really appealing. Daphile's not bad either. Depends what you want and need. Do not create problems where there are none. Originally Posted by Tranquility Bass. Last edited by Tromperie; 25th August at AM. Originally Posted by Tromperie.

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It has had considerable improvements over the five years maybe more I have been using and thoroughly enjoying it. It has considerable capabilities and does everything I want. You should check the website to see how much it can do.

It is the perfect companion to your pre-amp.Daphile backup error!? Dear daphile users, Excuse me for my bad English language! I write you because I have an error when I run a backup of my daphile disk.

Here is the error message after scanning some files: " Error: File scanning interrupted code: 1. And the backup disk 3To is in local USB too. Thank you in advance for your precious help! Originally Posted by PavelDosko. Only some files in tidal are available as master.

Look in tidal for a selection of master files. Also a key strength of daphile is the ability to upsample the tidal files. If your dac and cpu can take it try upsampling to the max dsd or pcm rate your dac can handle.

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That sounds interesting. I feel like giving it a shot. I'd like to ditch iTunes all together so the cd ripping and metadata editing bit is very important to me. What I especially like about this it is a very simple quick install - only M operating system size.

Maybe not for you because you love to tinker with electronics, but an Intel NUC with SSD is an option for those people who want grunt in a streamer to do Roon, upscaling, convolution etc. I will buy a new hard drive and get my IT fixit guy to do the installation of Daphile. Ok Clay, firstly a huge thank you for suggesting Daphile. After discussions back and forth with Clay I thought I would try and change hard drive and software.

After a bit of research I bought a 1TB Samsung Evo which are going for very good prices at the moment. Loading Daphile was a bit tricky for an amateur playing with bios for the first time. Eventually I could download some music. Now firstly no issues playing DSD and hires files. No pops or noises and it is very stable. Sounds fantastic and well worth the effort. Hi Clay, have you tried volumio and would you have an opinion on how it stacks up against the others?

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Also works with both iphone and ipad on the one account. Must say the whole concept is very interesting.This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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Post 1 of Joined Sep 26, Messages 1, Reaction score Joined Sep 26, Posts 1, Likes Hello all! I decided to make this thread just in case someone out there finds themselves in the same position I was in a couple weeks ago.

The ultimate cause of this issue was that Tidal through the Chrome browser is forced to run via Direct Audio--this means that even though I had great quality files streaming from Tidal, the audio was being run through windows mixer which ultimately caused two issues for me: 1 slightly smaller soundstage and 2 slightly less bass. I do not know if this method works for Foobar or any other audiophile-friendly media player.

You can download a free trial here if you are curious and want to see if you notice a difference. JRiver is now set up! Make sure JRiver is still open as well. It seems this setting doesn't save by itself. A small price to pay for a noticeable increase in quality! Happy Listening! Dec 7, Post 2 of Sonic Defender Headphoneus Supremus.

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I'll find the steps again. Thank you for your information, that will be very helpful I'm sure. Share This Post. Post 3 of Post 4 of